Our Collections

Our Collections


Whether you are shopping for a spectacular house-warming gift, a unique dinner party floral centerpiece or an elegant one of a kind wedding present, Westmount Florist Signature Collection will surely satisfy you.

We have a wide variety of exquisite, quality gifts ranging from hand tied bouquets, exotic vase arrangements, stunning phalaenopsis orchid plants and much more. Looking for something other than flowers? No problem, the Signature Collection also includes non-floral gifts perfect for any occasion or special event. We have included products Montreal is known for, artwork by local artisans, specialty gift baskets and limited edition products.

They have all been carefully and professionally designed or chosen by one of our Signature designers.

Not only will our Signature designers sign their creation to ensure your gift has been taken care of with the utmost personal attention, but also, a Westmount Florist team member will handwrite your message on a local artisan’s greeting card.

After your gift has been perfectly presented in our Signature Collection packaging, we guarantee that it will be delivered on the day of your choice within 4 hours of receiving your Signature order. And finally, we guarantee quality control by one of the Westmount Florist owners who will personally oversee the final product.





As a top Montreal florist, Westmount Florist's Classique Collection is perfect for almost every shopper. This collection has been designed around our long-standing customers who have come to value and trust our commitment to quality and service.

With this Classique Collection, we want you to feel as though you are receiving a piece of Westmount Florist history with a twist. We are recreating classic designs and updating them without losing their authenticity. If you are looking for a beautiful, affordable, good quality Classique Westmount Florist gift, look no further.

This collection is filled with anything and everything from roses, tulips, gerberas, and lilies to planted amaryllis bulbs, azaleas in stunning jardinières, seasonal tulip crates and so much more.

Just like our Signature Collection, the Classique line also includes a variety of non-floral gifts.

Whether your Classique choice is floral or non floral, we guarantee you that you’ll feel like you have really stepped into one of our beautiful shops in Westmount or Pointe Claire and hand picked the product from one of our displays. The quality will be the same, the price will be just right and it will be packaged in true Westmount Florist fashion.





As well as carrying Classique and Signature items, both our stores are filled with the Essentials. These are the little things our customers purchase daily, basic items you need to keep your home looking beautiful. It may be a small gift you take with you, some potting soil you need to replant your orchid or a simple glass vase, a bouquet of fresh flowers or a lovely floral arrangement.

These products are only available in store at our Westmount or Pointe Claire location. Both Westmount Florist locations will happily supply you with the Essentials you need.