Dauno The Fantastic

Friday Feb 22, 2013 By: Christine

Dauno The Fantastic

Almost every week someone waltzes into our store with a resume in hand. Some with experience, some without, but each with the thought of how wonderful it would be to work at Westmount Florist.

We were lucky enough last year to have someone with not only design experience but an incredible design style of his very own.  Dauno (pronounced Down-O) has been in the flower business for 20 years and at the tender young age of 33 you can figure it out for yourself…he started very very young.   Originally from Portugal he tells us that that almost all young kids begin to work at a young age.


Fast forward 20 years and here he is at Westmount Florist creating some of the most incredible arrangements you can imagine.  I pride myself in being a great designer and we have some other talented designers here too but none can do the “BIG” thing like Dauno can.


I could go on and on about his work but check it out for yourself.  A funeral for a famous Montreal Canadiens hockey player, a memorial service for a famous Quebec broadcaster and a gorgeous 21st birthday party for the daughter of a high profile Montrealer.

Oh and as a bonus, Dauno has the best laugh imaginable !

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