What we love about succulents!

Saturday Apr 06, 2013 By: david

What we love about succulents!

The days are getting longer in Montreal and we are so excited! In anticipation of summer our team has decided to get a very special plant in stock which thrives in high light. These little treasures are called succulents and we love them so much. Here are ten reasons why:

1. They are very low maintenance. Succulents don't need much love and attention to survive. Mist them once every few weeks and keep your plant in a bright location.

2. They are adorable.

3. With the proper care they can last for months, even years.

4. Although they rarely flower, succulents often resemble flowers, which we love.

5. They have the best names ever: chicks and hens, fat plants, ghost plants.

6. They are mysterious. Cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Figure that one out.

7. They can make the ugliest pot look trendy and stylish.

8. Don't have a pot? No problem! Some succulents don't need to be planted in earth to survive. Rest them on rocks or in a glass dish (no soil, sand or rocks required) and they will live! Talk about low maintenance.

9. We sometimes like to use them in arrangements for different textures.

10. They are off the wall (and other things)! Succulents often grow on the walls of green houses. They can grow off of other plants as well.


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