Blooming Together

Friday May 03, 2013 By: Christine

Blooming Together

You’ve heard us talk about how excited we are to be celebrating 50 years in business this year. We feel so fortunate to be able to work with “beauty” each and every day. With that in mind we wanted to collaborate with another “beauty” expert……..and so the story begins.

To celebrate 50 years of serving the Montreal community Shmink Cosmetics and Westmount Florist teamed up to create an easy to wear pink/plum shade of lip gloss that picks up on the Westmount Florist Logo.  Shmink Cosmetics is a Montreal based company who’s Tagline “Knowledge is Beauty” means as explained by my friend and creator Steven Reti, “we don’t just sell cosmetics, we teach how to use them”.


When I told my friend Steven about our upcoming 50th anniversary he asked if he could create a signature gloss that would be fun to wear and deliver a high fashion cache without being over the top.  In other words, something that would capture the feeling and mood of this wonderful milestone, but still be “wearable” by our Westmount Florist customers.  With the Westmount Florist logo as a starting point, a prototype was made and submitted to me and our female staff for approval.  We LOVED it !!


Once the gloss was approved, Steven asked top model Devon Elizabeth to pose for Montreal fashion photographer Marlon Kuhnreich wearing the gorgeous “Bloom” gloss.


Myself and my partner in crime Dauno, created a magnificent floral wall for the photo shoot with fresh roses, lilies, orchids and hydrangea to serve as a stunning background for the final “BLOOM” lip gloss image.


We’ve created a beautiful arrangement suitable for any “mother” in your life and as a bonus will include one of the gorgeous lip glosses created by Shmink for Mother’s Day.  If you don’t need flowers drop by one of our stores and pick up a gloss for yourself !!!  It really is beautiful.


Thanks to Steven Reti of Shmink, Devon our gorgeous model and Marlon for shooting the photo.


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