Papa, Father, Padre, Pop, Dad..

Friday Jun 14, 2013 By: Christine

Papa, Father, Padre, Pop, Dad..

Whatever name they go by, when it comes time to think of gifts for them, thoughts generally run the gamut of he-man gifts – rarely flowers. But yes……REAL men love flowers too ! They may sometimes act like they don’t, but that’s just dad laying out the rules in the Old School Testosterone Playbook. The same playbook that says real men don’t cry and shouldn’t wear pink.

So don’t be afraid to send dad flowers or a blooming plant or even a great succulent garden and when doing so keep these tips in mind:


  • Nothing too fussy or fluffy.  Ask for a clean linear design.


  • Bright colors.  Think primary colors – red, yellow, blue.  These are safe and “manly” colors. Remember corvettes, lipstick and little short cocktail dresses come in red.  Studies have shown that men are attracted to red.  Orange is good too.


  • Incorporate dad’s favorite hobby or personality into the design, such as his favorite magazine like Sports Illustrated, hang a fishing lure from a branch in the design, or knot a tie around the neck of a vase.  Tell us about your dad and we can offer a few other creative ideas to suit him perfectly.


  • Designs should have bold foliages, lines or exotic flowers.



  • Don’t worry about dad being embarrassed by the attention.  Guys love attention but not the kind that comes with receiving a pink and fluffy arrangement


Surprise dad this Father’s Day with something he wouldn’t buy for himself but would appreciate and love – send something from Westmount Florist.  For the dad that loves to cook we have a exculsive one of a kind chopping board....but we only have one !


We can help you to knock dad’s socks off  (the ones he got last year) with a fabulous arrangement, interesting plant or gift.

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