Heart Hoyas!

vendredi juin 28, 2013 Par : Clea

When I think of hoya I think of my mum's sunny kitchen. Her plant drapped itself all over the cupboards reaching for the window, occasionally filling the room with its sweet scent. That's why I smilled when I saw the hoya hearts we recieved at the store. They look like a small green heart planted in earth and we have been told they will sprout a small root and leaves in no time.

There are hundreds of varieties of hoyas. They are also known as waxplant, waxvine or waxflower. In the wild they usually grow hanging in trees. As a house plant they are usually hanging but can also be trained on a trellis. Their leaves vary in shape, size and colour as do their flowers which are known for their sweet scent. As a florist I find myself always removing the spent blooms and "cleaning up" my plants but hoya will bloom again and again from the same spot so never "dead head" a hoya. 
I am going to get myself a hoya heart to put in my kitchen and hopefully when my daughter is grown up and she smells hoya she will think of me and my kitchen. If you are interested in having your own hoya come in and see us we have some in the store.

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