If I Were a Flower

Friday Jan 10, 2014 By: Jacob

If I Were a Flower

When you were a child, did you ever play the “If I were a…” game? Sometimes we all need to pretend that we are kids again! Here at Westmount florist we spend so much time around beautiful flowers, we find ourselves playing the “If I were a…” game a lot. Around here we all have our favourite flowers and plants. When asked which we would be, I think our answers reflect our individual personalities! Here are some of the answers our staff gave when asked. Which flower would you like to be?

Clea: A Peach Garden Rose…“Because they are so pretty”.

Katrina: A Peony…“To brighten winter”.

Jose: A Sunflower

Jacob: A David Austin Rose…“Because the classics never go out of style”.
Christine: A Ranunculus…“Because they can be bold or soft".
Dauno: A Cymbidium Orchid

Ruth: A Venus Fly Trap…“Because they are so different”

Myrianne: Helleborus....."Because they are discreet yet stunning beauties".

David: An Esperance Rose…“Because they last so long”.

Brent: A Tulip…..”Because they are simple”.

Brenda: A Rose……”Because they are nice”.

Danny: Gerbera…..”Because they are happy”.

Tania: Lilac......"Because it reminds me of spring...and a fresh breeze".

Natasha: A Blushing Bride Protea......"Because it looks ethereal".
Olivia:  A Delphinium: "Because they symbolize open heartedness".

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