Water Water Water

Saturday Jun 28, 2014 By: Christine

Water Water Water

When summer hits Montrealers love their outdoor spaces. Balconies, terraces, patios, backyards, you name it and we want to be out there surrounded by our gorgeous plants and flowers.

When temperatures reach 28C and the sun shines all day our outdoors plants need extra care.  Think of yourself and how much you get dehydrated when it’s really hot outside……your plants feel the same way, especially the ones in containers.  You’ll need to water them every single day during the hot hot days.  Plants that are subjected to high winds will also dry out even faster as well as plants in clay pots so they may even need twice a day watering.


As your plants begin to grow you must also do what we call “dead heading”.  This means pinching back or removing any old foliage or old flowers that have passed their prime.  This process enables the new flowers and foliage to grow.

To see just how fast the planter boxes at Westmount Florist grew I’ve taken a few pictures to share with you.  We had these planted in a greenhouse in March then placed in our window boxes in late May.  It’s only been 4 weeks and look how much they’ve grown !!!  Because of the height we had a water system installed which waters daily but we are still conscientious about “dead heading” the plants.


So enjoy your summer in your outdoor space and please remember to water water water water thoses babies !



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