Friday Jul 11, 2014 By: Christine


I have to admit that I’m more of an every day dinner party type florist, meaning I’d rather do 10 fabulous dinner parties than a big wedding. I love variety and doing 25 or more of the same arrangement gets boring.

This past May long weekend my views on weddings changed dramatically.  The team at Westmount Florist had a huge wedding filled weekend.   We normally do only one or at the most two weddings in order to provide our clients with our best work.  I could never understand how florists brag about having 10 weddings in one day... seriously ?? But this weekend 3.. yes 3 of our good clients were having weddings. I couldn’t say no to any of them, throw in a big graduation party and it made for a busy weekend and a ton of sleepless nights.


Planning for the big weekend started in January. We had to coordinate with event coordinators, production groups, caterers, and of course our fabulous clients.  Each couple had tons of ideas about their special day and a vision we wanted to bring to life. As the months passed more details were nailed down until finally everyone on all the teams had their part of the puzzle ready to be executed.  Oh did I mention the week before “the wedding weekend” was Mother’s Day which meant we were out of wedding mode for about 1 week.


The weekend arrived and like clockwork the Westmount Florist team worked long and hard to bring the visions to life.  I can honestly say that the couples and their families were the most incredible I have ever witnessed, particularly one…….they know who they are.  They all trusted us to do interesting, original and anything but repetitive arrangements and a weekend that we were dreading became one of our favorites at Westmount Florist.  I can’t remember working that hard but it all paid off when the 2 brides had tears in their eyes when they said “I always dreamed my wedding would look like this”.  The reason only 2 brides said that was because our other wedding had 2 grooms and they were just as thrilled to have Westmount Florist as a part of their special day.


Thanks to all our brides and grooms for letting Westmount Florist be a part of your incredible day.  You have no idea how fabulous you all were to work with and for. xxxxxx from the bottom of our hearts.

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