Fall Flowers

Friday Sep 05, 2014 By: Katrina

Fall Flowers

Autumn is always a somewhat bittersweet season, as the long warm nights of summer give way to cooler months of harvest. Here at Westmount Florist, we want to give you another reason to embrace the fall : flowers! Autumn flowers can fall in two major categories: seasonal fall flowers and all season flowers in fall colours.

Typical seasonal flowers include cabbage, sedum, celosia, bittersweet, dahlias and amaranthus, although the list goes on and on! Chrysanthemums, wheat, sunflowers, stellata pods, rose hips and local hydrangea also make a notable appearance.


When it comes to fall colours, customers typically lean towards flowers that mimic fall leaves. These colours include red, orange, yellow and hints of green to brighten it up. Purple may also be a nice addition  to add a bit of colour and depth to the bouquet. Beige or white, on the other hand, lighten up the bouquet and add of touch of delicate colour. Other than enjoying apple picking, pumpkin pie and abundance of food, fall is a time to hang on the the last bits of horticulture by filling your home with stunning blooms. When it comes to fall, what's not to love of the versatility of both the flowers and colours : the possibilities are endless!


Here's a sneak peak of what is in the store and some of our lovely autumn arrangements!

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