A Rose Is A Rose !

Friday Feb 06, 2015 By: Katrina

A Rose Is A Rose !

On Valentine’s Day, we’ve taken the habit of offering sweet or fragrant gifts to our loved ones, but do we ever stop to think of the origins of this tradition?

When it comes to flowers, the Victorian Era saw an increased interest in the use of flowers as symbols of emotions, forming a coded language. This was known as the language of flowers, having origins in the Hebrew Bible and popularized use in Shakespeare’s works (notably in Hamlet!). Althought there is some discrepancy when it comes to what each flower actually meant, the red rose was consistently associated to love, compassion and most of all, Love!

This tradition was continued and adopted by Valentine’s Day, eventually becoming inseparable.


If you’re worried about large crowds on February 14th, Westmount  Florist will ease your worry as we offer delivery service and will be taking orders throughout the next week. This Valentine’s Day, let the roses do the talking and treat your loved one to some gorgeous blooms!




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