Fabulous Forsythia

Friday Mar 06, 2015 By: Christine

Fabulous Forsythia

Not sure about you but when we see the first stems of forsythia arriving at Westmount Florist we know that spring is on its way.

Forsythia was named after the head gardener and founding member of the Royal Horticultural Society, William Forsyth.

The forsythia shrubs typically grow to a height of 3ft and up to 9ft and have rough brown bark.  The leaves are simple and range in length about 1 to 4 in.  The flowers are produced in early spring before the leaves, bright yellow petals that are joined only at the base.  Typically forsythia is forced indoors for our floral needs but you see many bushes/shrubs in early spring as you drive around in Montreal.

When purchased before the flowers begin to open, forsythia can last in your home for up to 2 weeks.  It is important to remember that whenever arranging woody stems you must either smash with a hammer to open up the bottom or ensure that you give a good cut with garden shears and fill your vase with warmish water.

Forsythia is one of those flowers that really looks amazing in a vase all alone with no foliage added.  Simple, striking and so beautiful as it begins to open it’s gorgeous yellow petals.  A vase of only forsythia makes a huge statement and with that in mind we’ve always wanted to do an event with masses of forsythia !!!   So next time you think about making a big impact with flowers……give forsythia a chance.

Westmount Florist will be keeping  Dutch forsythia in stock for the next month until our local forsythia starts to arrive.  We can’t wait.!!

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