Friday Jan 08, 2016 By: Christine


As a new year approaches most of us feel the need to make changes in our lives, of course for the better. Those choices could be to get fit, stop eating sugar, stop drinking alcohol, do some charity work or just become a better human being.

We all have good intentions and get off to a great start but many times fall off the rail. To stay on track we have a secret weapon for you F L O W E R S !  Yup that’s right and you are probably thinking how can flowers change your life.  Researches have for years been studying the effects fresh flowers have in a persons life.  It was revealed in a Harvard Medical School study that people feel more compassionate towards others, have less worry and anxiety, and feel less depressed when fresh flowers are present in the home.  Another behavioral study conducted at Rutger’s University found that nature provides us a simple way to improve emotional health, and that is with flowers.  Just having fresh flowers in our living spaces triggers happy emotions.

We all know how January and February in certain areas of the country can be pretty bleak.  It’s back to work, back to school and the sun is rising later and setting earlier !  For a great pick me up turn to flowers.

Believe it or not early January marks the beginning of spring flowers……..what better way to feel like spring is coming than to have tulips, ranunculus, daffodils or hyacinths in your home ???  We have tulips arriving twice a week and why not pick up a few bunches of our tulip “specials” to brighten your home and your spirits !!

In another study done by Harvard the researchers stated that flowers are the one gift that the sender gets as much satisfaction from as the recipient.  I know I always feel happy when I send or bring flowers to my friends.

Happiness is a powerful emotion.  When we are happy anything is possible so take the “happy” in Happy New Year seriously and work on your joy as part of your plan for 2016 !!! send someone flowers in Montreal and send some happiness!

PLEASE 2016 we've decided to get back on track and do more blogs cause that makes us happy !!


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