Terrific Tulips

Thursday Feb 04, 2016 By: Christine

Terrific Tulips

Tulips have finally arrived in Montreal and they are taking over the store! Cut, planted or in our wonderful crates the season has finally arrived and we can’t be happier. Cut tulips are the first to arrive at the store in early January and our planted ones should be arriving by the end of month.

Seems like just the word tulip brings a smile to everyone’s face.  Not sure if it is because we begin to dream about spring in the cold winter months or because tulips are just so simple and pretty.

In addition to our Canadian grown cut tulips we are also receiving delicious varieties of Dutch grown cut tulips, such as parrot and frilly edge, just to name a few.  Although they may be popular, they still remain relatively unknown. Here are some surprising facts about this delicate flower:

Tulips LOVE cold water! They like to be cut straight and will continue to grow in your vase so cutting them every two days helps to avoid the “floppy” look!

They react to copper. Dropping a penny in your vase will get the tulips straighten out quickly.

Tulips come in many varieties, varying in height, length, colors and texture…some may even have frilly petals!

Ottawa is home to the Canadian Tulip Festival, which will be held the second week of May and will showcase almost 300 000 bulbs!


Tulips are an iconic Dutch flower, growing is massive fields of beauty every spring!

Come in to either of our stores to check out our weekly tulip specials or just to admire them.




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