How To Care For An Air Plant

Monday Mar 02, 2020 By: Jen

How To Care For An Air Plant

Even a complete air head can take care of these low maintenance plants! Looking for a plant that can add character to your home that require little to no effort? Air plants are an extraordinary, low maintenance option. They come in a multitude of shapes and are so peculiar looking…they are almost alien like! They do not need any soil as they have no root system. Air plants, also known as tillandsia receive their nutrients and moisture through their leaves. In nature they grow on trees and on rocky surfaces. They are native to forests, deserts and mountains.

General Care for air plants:

Air plants like bright, indirect sun light and are happiest in 21-26 Celsius environments.


Air plants only need to be watered once a week. Instead of actually watering the plants you can mist them to ensure their happiness. Another popular method is submerging the plant in a bowl of water and letting it soak for 30 minutes, letting them drain and air dry afterwards. Remember that Montreal has seasons. Plants will require more water when the sun is out for longer in the summer months compared to the short gray days of winter.

Get Creative with displaying your plants:

They can be showcased in an infinite amount of creative ways.


You can add river rocks, seashells, or even moss to your tabletop terrariums.

They look gorgeous in hanging glass globes, suspended in the air. Displaying them in glass globes gives you a 360 view of these unique specimens. We have hanging glass terrariums available at our store in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Wreaths- You can create a wreath for your front entry using air plants. Moss, branches, tree bark and pinecones are natural elements that can make your wreath unique and seasonally appropriate.

Bathroom decor- Air plants love humidity, if your bathroom gets enough light, they can be a perfect pop of greenery.

Looking for one of these easy to care for plants for your home?
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