10 Best Flower Coffee Table Books

Monday Aug 10, 2020 By: Samantha

10 Best Flower Coffee Table Books

It's no secret that here at Westmount Florist we are crazy about flowers! Flowers are a feast for the eyes and soul. As mentioned in our previous blogs, just looking at flowers can have a positive impact on our mood and mental well being. Obviously having fresh flowers in your home at all times would be a dream come true however we understand that this might now be possible for everyone! This article if for all you flower lovers who want beautiful blooms in your home 24/7 but don’t want opt for a fresh delivery every week! In this post we will give you our top 10 floral coffee table books and the reasons why we love each of them!

flower coffee table book

1. On Flowers: Lessons from an Accidental Florist, Amy Merrick

As the book title suggests, Amy Merrick has had many trials and errors with flower arranging to get her to where she is today. Her book is filled with her most useful tips and tricks that she's learned from working with flowers over the years. From selecting materials to mastering pleasing proportions, this book will help you elevate your understanding and appreciating for arranging flowers.

“[Merrick] brings readers along on her journey, with observations on flowers in New York City and at her family's summer home in rural New Hampshire, working on a flower farm off the coast of Washington State, and studying ikebana in a jewel-box flower shop in Kyoto. We learn how to send flowers like a florist, and how to arrange them like a farm girl.”

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#2 flower coffee table book

2. Flowers Every Day, Florence Kennedy

Learn how to incorporate flowers into your day to day life with Florence's unique unstructured approach to floral arranging. Flowers Every Day gives step-by-step instructions of different projects including hand-tied bouquets, vase arrangements, festive garlands and wreaths. Florence’s book covers the key skills, from sourcing your flowers, choosing your colours, and working with floral foam.

“Florence's stylish collection of seasonally inspired projects and hard-earned know-how will help complete beginners, flower enthusiasts and florists looking for new ideas. Flowers for Everyday Living is the must-have book for anyone who loves having flowers in their home and revels in sharing them with others.”

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3 Coffee table book3. The Flower Workshop, Ariella Chezar

An impressive coffee table book filled with stunning full-colour photography. Renowned New York florist, Ariella Chezar, will take you step-by-step through floral projects running from simple to spectacular. Whether you are helping out at an event, hosting your own party, or just want to incorporate the beauty of flowers into your everyday life, The Flower Workshop will help guide you in creating something truly spectacular.

“Known for her hands-on flower workshops at FlowerSchool New York, Ariella Chezar offers advice and philosophy on everything from texture and color to foliage and containers, providing an overall approach to living and working with flowers, with an eye toward fresh, local, wild, seasonally influenced floral design.”

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Floral coffee table book 44. Cultivated: The Elements of Floral Style, Christin Geall

This is a new book, released earlier this year, that is already creating a lot of buzz. It feels more like a stunning museum gallery than a coffee table book. The author, Christin Geall, gives informative lessons on the principles of floral style in a way that elevates it to a fine art.

“A charming and intelligent mentor, Christin Geall emboldens designers, gardeners, and entrepreneurs to think differently and deeply about their work with flowers as she draws upon the fine arts and historical sources, exploring Baroque music, the paintings of the Impressionists, or the work of floral innovators like Gertrude Jekyll and Constance Spry.”

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5. William Morris's Flowers, Rowan Bain

So this one isn’t technically a book with photos of real flowers, but instead, a stunning ode to designs by William Morris (1834-1896) where flowers are the principal motif. Morris is one of the best-known and most popular British designers. Through his passion for craftsmanship over mass production, Morris was able to create spectacular carpets, fabric and wallpaper in floral patterns that have continued to influence interior design over decades.

“The book traces the origins of Morris’s flower-based designs: his own gardens at the Red House in Kent; sixteenth- and seventeenth-century herbals; illuminated medieval manuscripts; late medieval and Renaissance tapestries; and the range of decorated

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Flower coffee table book 66. Flowers, Michael De Feo

Another book of art dedicated to flowers. This book celebrates artist Michael De Feo and showcases more than 200 of his flower-inspired works of art. De Feo’s early work was as a street artist, tagging his iconic flowers on walls in cities all over the world. His later work is a beautiful campaign of his flowers atop the bus-casings of fashion ads. The unique mixture of high-end-fashion and danish-inspired flowers is nothing less than spectacular.

“As an art student in 1993, Michael De Feo drew a simple bloom that became a familiar and welcome presence in New York after he spent countless nights pasting hundreds of versions of it all over the city's building walls. Twenty-five years later, these flowers have been sighted in more than 60 international cities. “

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Flower coffee table book 7

7. The Art of Edible Flowers - Rebecca Sullivan

Adding flowers to cocktails and food are a surefire way to impress your guests. This book from Rebecca Sullivan is bursting with amazing ways that flowers can add unique flavours and style to the food and beverages at any event. From sweet to savoury, this book has everything a flower-lover needs to wow her guests.

“This gorgeous little book is a joyful exploration of the many ways in which flowers can be used in a range of delicious recipes. From Rose and Lavender Cocktail Syrup to Jasmine and Green Tea Ice Cream, the ideas and flavors are subtly, deliciously floral. “

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Floral coffee table book

8. Floral Libations, Cassie Winslow

Hibiscus Old Fashioned anyone? If you’re just interested in floral drinks, then this one's for you. This carefully curated collection of 41 recipes combine fashion, taste and the beauty of flowers all in one glass. With a vast range of floral flavours, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, icy or hot, you are sure to find a new favourite drink!

“Elegant, edible flowers are becoming more accessible every day - they will taste as good as they look in fragrant drinks! Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink recipes that are perfect for a baby shower, a Mother's Day brunch, a wedding, or simply entertaining guests, there's something for everyone”

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Floral book number 8

9. Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden, Erin Benzakein and Julie Chai

There are pictures of Erin Benzakein’s farm all over Pinterest, you might even have one of them on your page without realizing it! This coffee table book is filled with instagram approved moments that make you want to flee to the countryside and live off the land. Sighhh. Not only does she give you step-by-step instructions on how to grow your dream flower garden, but there are also great tips for arranging flowers once you’ve grown them!

“A stunning flower book: This beautiful gardening book and guide to growing, harvesting, and arranging gorgeous blooms year-round provides readers with vital tools to nurture a stunning flower garden and use their blossoms and cut flowers to create show-stopping arrangements. It makes a beautiful gift for any occasion, for friends, loved ones and gardening lovers alike!”

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Best floral coffee table books

10. Vintage Roses, Jane Eastoe

If you’re looking to learn about a specific flower or you know a friend loves a certain flower, a coffee table book from Jane Eastoe is just the pick for you. She has a whole series of coffee table books devoted to different flowers. This particular book takes an in depth look at roses. Did you know that there are more than 150 species? The book focuses on 60 of the most beautiful types and sorts them into categories: the easiest to grow, the most fragrant, the most visually pleasing, and the best variety for cutting. You’ll be a flower pro in no time!

“Who wouldn't be romanced by names like Lovely Fairy, Desdemona, Elegantyne, Anne Boleyn, Leonardo da Vinci, and Blue for You? Vintage roses encompass both the true 'old' roses and the best of the 'modern' roses, developed to celebrate the classic, ageless, enduring beauty of the old varieties.”

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There you have it! Our Top 10 pick for floral coffee talbe books. We would encourage you visit or call your local Montreal book store to find any of theses titles. Just in case you can't find them in Montreal we have added the links to Amazon. Enjoy!

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