Different Flowers for Different Occasions

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Different Flowers for Different Occasions

Different flowers convey different meanings and different emotions. Most people, however, know only about roses, which are often associated with love and affection. If you are going to send some flowers, or if you want to start sending flowers, you need to know the various classification of flower types and the occasions on which you might want to send them. The art of knowing which flower to send will make you a better communicator, and you will not have to deal with the embarrassment of sending the wrong flower type simply because you did not know what you were supposed to send. Read below for a brief guide on different flowers to deliver on different occasions.

Flowers for dates

Red roses may be the typical flowers for dates, but you can also use other such as tulips, orchids, and dandelion, especially if you are going out on the very first date and you do not want something that may intimidate your new object of affection. For the subsequent dates and, depending on how your relationship evolve, you can think about buying bouquets of roses – red or yellow for your love.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and the flowers of choice for this occasion usually include red roses, yellow roses, and various sheds of pink. These flowers are known for communication affection and joy among lovers. Most of the time, you are free to send pure red roses, but for the other colors, it is recommended that you do a little combination. For example, you should never send yellow roses or pink roses alone since this may signify friendship and not love, unless of course, this was your intention.

Anniversary flowers

Anniversary flowers are mostly suited being seasonal flowers. They represent certain times of the year when certain important events took place. If you are considering anniversary flower delivery during springtime, then you should consider pale, delicate flowers like cherry blossom, peach blossom, or peony.
If the anniversary falls in summer, your best options should be gold, pink or yellow roses, or maybe a bouquet of sunflowers. But just have in mind that the color yellow may signify disappointments in some cultures. Therefore, try to be culturally sensitive if you know a bit about the recipient’s culture.
For fall anniversary flowers, they should be darker, but with very rich colors. A good example of flowers for such occasions includes lilies. Gold roses may also be an option here. And, for winter anniversaries, think of colors that can blend the rich colors of autumn with the dull colors of spring. Some examples of such flowers include pansies, orchids, and chrysanthemums among others.
The most important thing when considering anniversary flowers, however, is that the flower you choose must represent the relationship you have with the recipient. For example, if you are sending them to your spouse and you happen to know about their color preference, you can best deliver them in a nicely done bouquet. There are so many flower shops in town that can help you prepare such flower arrangements. You should also know that there are certain types of flowers that represent certain anniversaries. For example, daisies represent five years, daffodils represent ten years, roses represent fifteen years, and asters represent 20 years.

Get well soon flowers.

If you are planning on sending get-well soon flowers to a loved one or a friend, the first question that you will be asked by the flower shop is where your loved one or friend is resting. If they are in the hospital, then your choice of flowers should not be overly fragrant. Also, they need to be calm, warm, and relaxing. Your best options for these kinds of delivery include tulips and irises. These are known to be vibrant and they have a unique way of adding a touch of color and life to the tiring hospital rooms. If the recipients are at home, then you can think of marigolds because they represent resilience. Yellow flowers like daffodils may also be a good choice since they are bright and cheery. Do not send yellow daylilies because they are mostly used for funerals.

Funeral Flowers

If you go to the flower shops asking for the best flower delivery to the funeral homes, yellow daylilies will usually be the first recommendation. This is because these flowers represent the soul leaving the body, hence, the strong association with funerals. Blooming chrysanthemums are mostly for decorations in most parts of the world, especially in Europe and Japan. In North America, however, they are associated with longevity and rebirth. Blue, white and green flowers are also ideal for funerals since they represent calmness and peace. Red and white bouquets, on the other hand, represent a celebration of life, even though there is mourning going on.

Sympathy flowers

Sympathy flowers are mostly sent to those who are grieving. They are supposed to cheer them up and brighten their days. The best flowers recommended for sending as sympathy flowers include daisies and lilies. Blues and purples show hope and rebirth. And, if you are to do them in a bouquet, then the bouquet should be smaller than what you would normally send for funerals.

Flowers for birthdays

Birthdays are special occasions, and it is usually a great time to send flowers to those who are dear to your heart on such a wonderful day. Unknown to most people, every month of the year has a corresponding flower that should be sent for birthday celebrations. They are as follows-:
  • Snowdrop – January
  • Primrose – February
  • Daffodil – March
  • Sweet Pea – April
  • Hawthorne and lily of the valley – May
  • Rose and honeysuckle – June
  • Delphinium and Water Lily – July
  • Poppy and gladiolus – August
  • Aster and Morning glory – September
  • Marigold and calendula – October
  • Peony and chrysanthemum – November
  • Narcissus and holly – December
There you have it! Hopefully, you now have an idea of what kinds of flowers you need to send for what occasions.

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