How to Care for Hydrangeas

Saturday Oct 09, 2021 By: Samantha

How to Care for Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are extremely resilient, long lasting blooms. The name “hydrangea” comes from the Greek words “hydro” and “angos,” which roughly translates to water barrel. As the name implies, these are VERY thirsty flowers. Given the proper care and hydration, these beauties are among our longest lasting cut flowers. The following tips and tricks will help keep your hydrangeas happily hydrated so you can enjoy them for longer!

Refresh your New Hydrangea Bouquet

When your hydrangeas first arrive, they will be VERY thirsty! Hydrangeas are unique in that they drink from their petals. We suggest giving their petals a boost of hydration as your first step when preparing hydrangeas for a vase. Submerge the entire head of the bloom into a vessel of hot (but, not boiling) water for 5 mins. It may seem strange, but your hydrangeas will thank you for the chance to rehydrate!

Diana Vase Arrangement - Westmount Florist

Cutting your Stems and Preparing your Vase

Pick out a freshly cleaned vase of your choice and follow these steps:

- Hold the stems of your bouquet next to the vase to determine how much needs to be trimmed.

- Remove any foliage that would rest below your vase’s waterline to prevent introducing harmful bacteria to your hydrangeas’ drinking water.

- Cut 1-2 inches off the stems at a 45-degree angle with a sharp knife or scissors while holding underwater. This will give them an intense boost of water absorption and prevent air bubbles from clogging the stems.

- “Crack the stems” by using scissors or a knife to make multiple cuts about half an inch up the center of the stem. This allows more water to flow into the stem.

- Fill your vase with cool water and the flower food provided by Westmount Florist.

- Arrange your flowers as you'd like!

Picking the Perfect Spot for your New Beauties

As much as hydrangeas LOVE water, the exact opposite can be said for their feelings about sunshine and heat. These flowers can’t stand to be hot! Make sure you place your new blooms in a cool spot away from direct sunshine so they can thrive!

Recondition Every 1-2 Days:As is the case with any flowers, once you place them in the vase and find them a spot, there is still some upkeep to be done!  But don’t worry, it’s  not much.

Every 1-2 days cut the stems, replace the water and - if on hand - give them some nutrients by adding flower food. They’ll be so happy they came home with you!


Pro Tips for an Extra Boost of Hydration

Hydrate the Blooms

Since hydrangeas drink from their petals, they’ll love getting a little shower to their petals every now and then. To keep these flowers extra hydrated and happy, spray the blooms with water a couple times a day.

Poke Holes in the Stems

Hydrangea stems produce a sticky sap that can make efficiently absorbing water a challenge for them. To give them optimal opportunities to get that H2O, you can poke holes down the stem with a needle or some other tiny sharp object. The more they can get, the happier they’ll be!

Looking to get your hands on a beautiful bouquet featuring hydrangeas? Check out some of our sygnature arrangements like: Chloe, Wynona, Diana, and Clementine. Or give us a call at our Westmount or Pointe-Claire location and we can help bring your vision to life!

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