Good Days and Great Days

Good Days and Great Days

Lots of people come in to the store and tell us how lucky we are. That they would love to do our job, to work with flowers all day long. The beautiful smells, the amazing colours, just the pretty flowers in general!

Often we totally agree, and smile inwardly at our good fortune. Other times, we think that it’s actually pretty hard work, with all the lifting, schlepping, sweeping, mopping, arranging, rearranging. I could go on, but then this post would only be about the bad days, and since we all have bad days now and then, you don’t need to be reminded!

The good days are more often the norm though. They really are. We’re always saying to each other: “How can we be depressed with all this beauty around us?” We get to make stunning bouquets that people adore. We get to work in gorgeous colours, textures and shapes. We get to make people happy.

The GREAT days are when we help that shy boy pick out just the right mix of flowers for his date. When someone is brought to tears because the funeral tribute we made is ‘exactly what they would have wanted’. When we have so many gorgeous flowers and plants that bouquets and arrangements practically make themselves and orders just fly out the door!

There are many more things that happen in a day that make it either a good or great day; I could go on for pages.  But what really matters is that we truly are lucky here, and any time you want to come visit us in our little oasis of colour and beauty, you are more than welcome!

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