Vase “Tricks” | Do They Work?

mercredi mars 23, 2011

People have many tricks and do-it-yourself ways of keeping the water in their vases clean for as long as possible. Some are pretty wacky, but others aren’t that bad! We’ll review different methods and let you know the easiest way to keep your flowers looking fresh for as long as possible.

The packet of powder you are provided with from the store is usually the easiest and most effective way of keeping water clean and clear. (And it’s FREE!) This is a mixture of a biocide, which kills bacteria in the water, a sugar, which ‘feeds’ the flowers and an acid which helps the stems draw up water. This powder works quite well.

Bleach: Some people say that a drop of bleach in the water will prevent bacteria from building up. But how much is enough? What if you put in too much? There is a chance of damaging the stems and killing the flowers.

7Up or Sprite: Some say that the sugar and citric acid in these soft drinks can feed the flowers. But be advised that this could be adding bacteria to the water.

Penny in the vase trick: An old wives’ tale, especially nowadays, because pennies are not pure copper, which some say act as a fungicide. If our pennies were still made of pure copper, this might work. Since pennies are made with a lot of things OTHER than copper today, you’d be better off keeping the coins out of the water. Otherwise, you’re just dropping a little bacteria-bomb into your vase, which is the complete opposite of what you’ve set out to do!

The best way to keep flowers as fresh as possible: Fill a vase with clean, room temperature water and add the powder (before flowers go in). Give the flowers a clean cut on an angle and change the water. Re-cut stems every few days. Clean off any dead or dried out bits, especially under the waterline. Most flowers have a vase life of 4-5 days, but one can never say exactly…hopefully if you follow these tips, they will go a little longer!

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