How The Rules Can Be Broken

Tuesday Mar 15, 2011

How The Rules Can Be Broken

You’re at Westmount Florist. It’s ten minutes until closing time, and you’ve got to get flowers as a hostess gift to the dinner party you’re going to. But you just can’t seem to hit the right combination of roses, lilies and gerberas! Or should you put in some lysianthus? It’s all so complicated! If you’ve been stuck in this dilemma before, here are a few of our “house rules” at Westmount Florist-and how you can break them, because after all, rules are made to be broken…right? The researchers found what we at Westmount Florist get to experience everyday working in a wonderful atmosphere.

1. The Rule of the Odds

Odd numbers tend to look more visually pleasing. They create tension and draw peoples’ eye.

How it can be broken: try a super-modern minimalist arrangement with asymmetry. 2 callas, fuji mums or anthuriums tied together with a fancy leaf can look attractive, although it is rare that an even number of flowers will look better than odd.

2. More of the Same

If you’re struggling with a bouquet, try adding more of what you already have—aim for a minimum number of flower types. It gives more impact and focuses on one flower rather than it looking messy and random.

How it can be broken: if you must have more variety, choose the same flower in a different colour (e.g. red and yellow gerbs).

3. Mixing rose colours is a no-no!

If you want a dozen roses, stick to one colour! Picking one-of-this, one-of-that looks hap-hazard and disjointed. You’ll get WAY more impact with just one colour. And there are more colours than just red, guys!

How it can be broken: if you MUST mix, stick to 2 colours max, and less contrast is usually nicest.

4. It doesn’t need Babies Breath!

Usually this creates too much contrast, and makes the bouquet look dated. (Babies breath was sooo 80’s!)

How it can be broken: punch up your bouquet with a more current filler. Hypericum in bright green or red often adds that missing ‘something’, waxflower gives a wild and romantic look and solidago can back up a blah bouquet.

Hopefully these simple guidelines will help you choose your next bouquet more easily. And remember, the helpful staff in the store are always ready and willing to help out!

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