The Art of the Hand Tied Bouquet

Thursday Aug 11, 2011 By: Clea

The Art of the Hand Tied Bouquet

Hand tied bouquets are my favorite to make, give and of course to receive. These bouquets are a selection of flowers that have been chosen and arranged so that the recipient can easily drop them into a vase. I love making hand tied bouquets because I find they are a great way to play with colors and textures.

I love the way velvety pink celosia looks combined with ruffled yellow garden roses, mini orange spray roses and yarrow. Or soft puffy pale mauve hydrangea with pinks and soft greens! I find that when I make a hand tied it is ok to break any flower “rules” about color or numbers. You have to take into account the natural shape the flowers grow, but really the only thing that limits you is your imagination!


Helpful hand tied hints:


-The flowers you choose should never be too delicate because they will be packed quite closely together.

-They should have most of their flowers near the crown or head so that they can all be visible in the finished hand tied.

-All the greenery should be removed from the lower stems so that the foliage doesn’t go into  the water which causes bacteria and cuts down on the lifespan of the flowers.

-And of course, don’t be afraid to use what you love and have fun!

Watch Clea create a hand tied bouquet by clicking on this link:

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