Cookies, Flowers and Kids!

Thursday Sep 15, 2011 By: Christine

Cookies, Flowers and Kids!

I can still remember as a young girl going into Select Pastry located next to our dad’s first Westmount Florist location at 4154 St. Catherine St. I loved going there with our mum, Dora to pick up some petit fours, homemade pies, special cakes for our birthdays and just about anything else you could salivate over.

Each time I went in, one of the lovely ladies working, dressed in their white bakery uniform would give me a smile, reach into the cookie counter and present me with a delicious cookie…compliments of the bakery! To this day I can still see some of those women’s faces and it left such an impression on me.  When the pastry shop moved to Sherbrooke St. in Westmount, I made it a weekly ritual to go to Select Pasty, not for my free cookie since I was now grown up and working, but I’d go to buy some of those fabulous treats!


You can’t eat flowers, but whenever there is a young child in our store we give them a blossom.  Usually just a broken flower head with a short stem but you would think we gave them a bag of gold by the look on their faces.  They hold it up like it’s the Olympic torch and they are the bearer about to light the flame to open the games.


One particular customer of ours, Sarah would bring in her darling daughter and son in on a weekly basis.  Her daughter, Caroline had a passion for rummaging through the garbage and picking up broken flowers off the floor, which for us just meant less to clean up! One day there were about 50 broken gerbera daisy heads floating in a bucket, which she was immediately drawn towards.  As I saw her eyes light up I said, “of course you can have them”.  She fished them out of the large bucket one by one and carefully placed them in a box.


About 3 weeks later her mum arrived at the shop with a photo.  Take one look at her smiling face and you’ll see how giving some broken flowers away can make a little girl so happy!


Thanks Sarah and Caroline for the great shot.

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