Rocky Mountain Soap

vendredi mars 13, 2015

Looking for that little extra something to go with the perfect Westmount Florist design? We are so happy to carry Rocky Mountain Soap products. 100% natural bath and body products are made in Canada and owned by a young couple in Canmore, Alberta. When creating these products, they have your health and the health of our environment in mind.

Soaps, bath salts, body lotions, deodorant, lip balms, massage oils are just a few of the beautiful lightly scented products we have to offer. Geranium, aloe, lemongrass, ylang-ylang, avocado, grapefruit, lavender and more to soothe and excite your senses.



We're always so excited to order and receive these tastefully packaged products. Our Rocky Mountain products are available at our West Island branch and at our Westmount store upon request. Come in and sample these amazing products, you won't be disappointed!

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