I Love New York!

Saturday Feb 25, 2012 By: Christine

I Love New York!

New York has always been good to me and on my recent spur of moment trip it was extra special, especially being a florist. I was invited by one of my best friends who just so happens to be a florist too. The purpose of the trip was to check out the Waldorf Astoria where he is planning his upcoming wedding to his partner. He proposed to his partner with a ring in New York City and has always had a love affair with the city so it seemed the right place for the same sex union to take place (not to mention, it’s legal in NYC). The hotel is as old and gorgeous as you can imagine and the suite where the wedding is taking place will be just perfect for the intimate ceremony. We’ve planned everything from the flowers, candles, music, photography, champagne, food…right down to the color suits the handsome boys will wear.

Next on our NYC schedule was the NY gift and tableware show.  What a bonus, we trekked our way through the Pier and then the Javitzs center until we almost passed out from exhaustion.  I found some of the most gorgeous glassware that should be arriving in time for the spring holidays. I was so excited to see something different and was so happy we made it to the show.


The new “hot” thing is succulents, used not only as plants but also mixed in with flowers to create some of the most amazing arrangements I’ve ever seen. Just this week our buyer, Dave bought some and they flew out of the store.  I’m hoping our local supplier can keep supplying us cause I for one will be using them A LOT!


Drum roll please…I was on Facebook and stumbled upon a show that the Japan Bloom company was having in NYC at the Japan Society and it was while we were there.  My friend Michael immediately registered us for the event the next day and we were not sure what to expect.  We had bought some products in the past, which I have to admit was pricey but so gorgeous it seems worth every penny.


The next day as we walked into the Japanese Society building the scent of sweet peas engulfed us.  Michael and I looked at each other and said at the exact same time “Oh my god…I’m so happy we found this”.


I really can’t put into words what we experienced, but I did take some pictures to share with you.  The flowers were some of the most gorgeous we had ever seen and we saw varieties we have never seen before…even with both of us being in the floral business over 25 years!  The look of everyone’s face in the exhibition told the story of just how spectacular it really was.


As we left the exhibit, the lovely man from Japan Blooms reached down and picked up 2 bouquets of sweet peas that he graciously presented to me.  He didn’t speak English but he bowed to me and I knew what he was saying.  The scent was incredible and as I walked down the streets of New York everyone stopped to gaze at the flowers.  Unfortunately I couldn’t bring them home with me on the plane but my niece and sister in law who both live in NY were so thrilled when I presented them with sweet peas that evening.

Thank you New York, Michael , The Waldorf Astoria and Japan Booms for an incredible few days.


p.s. Check out our Westmount Florist Facebook page for all the photos from Japan Bloom! http://www.facebook.com/westmountflorist





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