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Thursday July 14, 2011 - by: Christine and Peter

In Lieu of Flowers

Traditionally flowers are a way to represent growth, new life and movement forward. The natural beauty of flowers at the funeral parlor and at the home of mourners brings a sense of warmth and comfort to the situation.

Thursday July 7, 2011 - by: Christine

Why do Roses Wilt?

If I had a dollar for every time I got asked this question, I’d be comfortably living on a private island sipping champagne watching the sun rise and set!

Sunday March 13, 2011 - by: david

The Right Way to Cut a Flower Stem

Here is the proper way to cut a flower stem. Many people ask if they have to cut the stems at all, the answer is always Y. E. S. Even if we cut it in the store, the answer is yes. Even if there are water pics on the ends, the answer is yes. Even if you don’t want to, the answer is yes!