Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Flower Store/Office Opening

Whether you’re welcoming a new business to your neighborhood or opening a business of your own, adding a floral arrangement or plant will certainly brighten up any office or store front. An amazing floral vase arrangement created by one of our talented designers will be sure to welcome clients and inspire employees.

At Westmount Florist, we understand how exciting an event like this can be. Decorate the new place of business with a gorgeous arrangement of Phalaenopsis orchids or a beautiful green floor plant to add life and warmth on this special day.


Christmas Party

Celebrating Christmas with your colleagues is definitely one of the most exciting times of the year. You can mingle and get to know your employees and fellow staff members a little better.

Decorating your Montreal party venue is something Westmount Florist would love to help you with. Seasonal arrangements filled with reds, whites and greens will get anyone into the Christmas spirit. Add winter accessories, such as pinecones and Christmas greens, to make your arrangements festive!

Sending flowers to your boss after the Christmas party is a fantastic way of saying "thank you" and "Merry Christmas!"


Retirement gifts and flowers

We consider our employees as family and we know firsthand what it’s like to have a valued employee retire. If you are hosting a retirement party or simply bidding farewell to someone you value, we will create the perfect gift to help you say "thank you".  A lush bouquet of roses, a hand-tied bouquet or a carefully designed floral arrangement made by one of our talented designers will most certainly say "you were appreciated".

If you are hosting a farewell party, consult with one of our designers who will help you with all your floral needs for the event.