Customer Care

Customer Care

At Westmount Florist, we take great pride in looking after every order that comes into the design room where the orders are checked. We want to make sure that we get it right the first time.


We have professional designers who will create the perfect combination of flowers and colors that you have asked for. If you are not sure what it is you would like to send, leave it up to us to create something that you will be very satisfied with.


We have very stringent policies with regards to cleanliness when it comes to our floral products. All our flowers are inspected when they arrive daily for freshness and grading.


After the flowers have been given the sign of approval, they need to be hydrated, cooled and conditioned. Before that can happen, every stock pail or vase in our shops must be scrubbed and cleaned to remove any bacteria that may be hiding. Once the stock pails are cleaned they are filled with a solution of flower preservative to give the flowers a longer shelf life, which is better for our customers. After the flowers have taken on water and are ready to be refrigerated it is time to move them to our coolers.


Our fridges at both stores are cleaned once a week so that the flowers are sure to be happy in their new home until they get to their final destination.


At Westmount Florist, our goal is to make our customers happy, not just satisfied! We believe that if you are happy,you are going to tell everyone about it and if you are not… we want to know. We guarantee our products and services, and we will do whatever it takes to make it right. We want YOU … our customer to know that we want your business and in order to do that, we need to know you trust Westmount Florist and its guarantee.