What payment methods can I use to order flowers?

Online, Westmount Florist accepts all major credit cards. In store, we accept cash, cheque, debit and all major credit cards.

What do I do if my credit card is declined?

In the event that we are not able to charge your credit card, you will be notified by Westmount Florist (via the email address you have supplied to Westmount Florist or by phone).

How long do refunds take?

Refunds take approximately 24-72 hours after the refund has been initiated.

I accidentally used the wrong credit card to order flowers!

No problem! Give us a call our send us an email and we'll get things sorted out on our end and yours.

Can I cancel my order?

Plans change, We get it! If you need to cancel contact us ASAP and as long as the flowers have not yet been delivered we are happy to accommodate you within reason.

How do I get a copy of my receipt?

You will receive an email receipt automatically after you place your flower order. If for some reason your did not receive your receipt or need another copy you can call or email us and we will gladly send you another copy!