About us


It all began with a simple carnation.

When George Pickrell, the founder of Westmount Florist, was 18, he walked through the McGill University greenhouses in Montreal and immediately knew he wanted to be a florist. He saw a peddler selling carnations on St. Catherine Street and thought about how special and unique it was to watch something grow then sell it.


After years of working for various high profile florists in Montreal and Toronto, George decided to open a shop of his own. In 1962, he and his wife Dora opened Westmount Florist Ltd. on St. Catherine Street; right down the street from the renowned Montreal Forum. In the 1970’s, George’s eldest sons David and Peter started working at the original shop. In 1976, Westmount Florist moved to its present location on Victoria Avenue in the heart of the “Victoria Village” in Westmount.  Soon after, Christine and Stephen, George and Dora's remaining children joined the business. The four siblings helped together to make Westmount Florist what it is today.



In 1981, Westmount Florist opened its second location on the picturesque Lakeshore Road in the charming Pointe Claire Village. Assisted by his cousin, Danny, Peter took the helm of the Pointe Claire store.



George Pickrell believed in working hard, being honest, treating people with respect and loving what you do. He was a wonderful mentor, father, uncle and grandfather; he paved the way for the second and third generations of Pickrells who are now running Westmount Florist. The Pickrell family has embraced and learnt from what George had taught them.