Buy and Send Flowers online in Montreal

Westmount Florist is one of the leading florists in Montreal. Thanks to our simple interface, sending flowers online is now as easy as 1-2-3!

First, access the catalog page or browse through our categories that can help you choose which bouquets will suit the occasion. Then, once you have chosen your flowers, simply add it to the cart and proceed to checkout. If you order online before noon, we can proceed for same day delivery.

Why should I buy flowers online ?

Floral delivery allows for simplicity. While traveling outside the country, it is very hard to celebrate birthdays and other special events. However, thanks to our online boutique, you will be able to order a bouquet or arrangement within a few clicks and send it to your loved one. Even though you will not have the chance to witness his or her reaction, you will know for sure that your gift is spot on.

Westmount Florist allows you to write a personalized message that will be included with your flowers. You can also give specific instructions to our delivery driver and we will do our best to follow them. After all, each gift should be personalized! Do not hesitate to contact us directly with your requests and one of our florists will help you.

Bouquets of Peonies that you can send online

Send Flowers Online for every occasion

Our online flower shop filters its different products by event or occasion, collection, purpose, style, budget, color or emotion. This simple tagging system will allow you to navigate seamlessly through our large inventory of flower arrangements, designed with care and passion for our customers!

Order a bouquet online, the easy way !

Ordering a bouquet of flowers for your loved ones in the greater Montreal area has never been so simple! Simply order from our online flower shop and we will take care of the flower delivery in Montreal!

Need more information or advice on what flowers to send? Please feel free to contact us.