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"Hi Christine,

I hope this email finds you well after the holidays and into the new year! I was putting together my pictures for my wedding album and you wouldn't believe how many close-ups of the flowers I wanted to include. My bouquet was flawless. The centrepieces were stunning. I mean I could go on and on and on. You are a master and you are so genuinely invested in your clients happiness, it was clear from all the extra touches that you incorporated throughout the venue.

Thank you truly for creating art that will be forever cherished in my memories and in my wedding album.



"Hi Christine!

I'm sure you had a crazy busy weekend.

I just wanted to send a note to say the flowers for our party were absolutely gorgeous! And a special thank you for already gluing the clocks back to back for the table arrangements. YOU ROCK. You saved us lots of time.

One lucky lady from each table got to bring the tulips home. They were thrilled.

Thanks again and have a great week!



"Thanks for the excellence of the service, as usual.





Thank you so much!  My mother was delighted with the size and color of the roses and very grateful that it was delivered to her door and even better unwrapped by your delivery person. She has severe arthritis and the task of undoing things is difficult so I do appreciate your driver taking the time to do this. As always you prove to be an excellent florist.


Carolyn Ordowich"


"Dear Christine,

I just wanted to thank you for sending me such beautiful flowers. All of the arrangements are spectacular and look amazing in my house! Waking up this morning to a house full of flowers makes me very happy!! It is a true pleasure to work with everyone in your store.

Thank you again !!"



"Dear Peter,

I just wanted to share with you the note my sisters and I received from my Mum this month.  Every month she sends a special "thank you" and pictures of her flowers and this month she was especially delighted:

"Dear girls, You should see this months gorgeous offering, it took my breath away, it really is a nice sight, also the sun was shining when they were delivered, made all the  difference, the roses are a very unusual colour, look very Downton Abbeyish !!  Thank you all so very much, makes the winter  seem less harsh, it's been going on far too long......... Much love to you all Mum"

There is little that we can do for our Mum from the West Coast but, with your help, each month we bring a little more joy into her life and this month we even made your long winter seem less harsh!

Many thanks to you and your staff for creating beautiful arrangements that brighten our mother's day!"


Hi Peter,

I just wanted to let you know that we totally loved all the flowers that you prepared for our wedding. They were exactly want I had imagined and everyone thought they were beautiful.

Thank you very much for all your efforts and for a job well done.


Kim Burnett & Francois Gouin


Hey Peter,

Just wanted to thank you a bunch for the xtra service and you getting here this morning. The look on my girls faces was priceless and worth it all.   I think I heard your voice and that was a special touch. Thank you so much for making three ladies extremely happy so early in the morning. Great service is hard to come by and especially with all of this snow. I know a thing or 2 about logistics and delivering on time ;-). Thanks again and have a great V-day and a great weekend. Because of you, we all will.



Dear Christine,

You are the very best!!!!

I am still charged up – totally exhausted, but totally thrilled too.

You have worked SO hard and truly - you have been the inspiration for the entire evening. Thank you so much for making the whole weekend so special.  When we saw the flowers at the church – I went wow!  When I saw the room I was totally overwhelmed – it was truly magical, magnificent and luminescent!  Then on Sunday morning I  saw a sea of flowers on the balcony – too much!  We lined the walkway and the garden - it was so much fun.

We sincerely appreciate all you have done to make this day so special for our family and friends.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU , THANK YOU........

With love

Di and Norm, Kathleen and Brian, Norman J.......families and friends......


Dear Christine,

What a spectacular bouquet of roses! Thank you so much and thanks for the lovely single rose, it was very thoughtful.

We enjoy working with you so much and look forward to the next floral adventure!

Take care and enjoy your summer.

Diane Dunlop-Hébert


Hi Christine!

Convocation ended last night and I wanted to THANK YOU  for the wonderful job you did in ensuring that we received exactly what we asked for.  The centerpiece was stunning and many, many people commented on how beautiful it looked.  They loved the eremurus.  They had never seen anything like it!!!!  Also the handties, for me, were SO gorgeous.  And that added touch of the burgundy ribbon did not go unnoticed.  I was right in having complete confidence in you guys at Westmount florist. As my boss said, “well, you know who we’ll be going with next time!!!!!”  The centerpieces in the past looked like &*@# and now Westmount florist has come in and set the bar!!!!!

Many many thanks.

With much appreciation,


Concordia University


After more than 20 years in the event industry, I can honestly say that working with Christine and the entire Westmount Florist team is always a pleasure.  Their collective professionalism and positive approach make the entire event design process run effortlessly!

Lorne Levitt, Total Events 



Working with Christine and her team on any kind of event is always a wonderful experience. You can walk away from the area or even close your eyes & within a short period of time, all their work is complete! Genuine and dedicated, Westmount Florists are by far the easiest people to get along with. Christine's vision compliments any client's wish list for stunning florals...

Marsha Brumer, MB Events



Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for the great flowers you provided to my wife at Christmas and Valentines day. I have had a chance to see the pictures. Wow, Thank you. As usual, you have the best flowers and the service is outstanding.


Major RG
Canadian Forces


Dear Peter,

Abbas and I wanted to thank you again for the great job you did on the day of our engagement with a great set of flowers. We shall never forget your heartfelt support and kindness to us.

Best regards,

Sepideh & Abbas & our families


Good Morning Peter,

We would like to thank you and your staff for an incredible job on the flowers for the wedding.  The bridal bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, everything were phenomenal.

The two arrangements for the church were spectacular!  But most of all – the incredible cream roses.  They looked beautiful in the centerpieces; they opened exactly right for the Saturday after we placed them in the holders on Friday.  I took the extras home to Toronto and they are still going a week later, please see the picture that I have attached.

Peter, please say thank you to everyone for a wonderful experience – from the time we walked in and met with you to the delivery of all of the flowers.  You helped make this happy event perfect!

We are looking through our pictures for the pics of the flower arrangements themselves and I will send you a few once I have them.

Sincerest regards,


Olga Bodnar
Senior VP Operations
Transition Plus Sustainability Solutions Inc.
Toronto, Canada


4 years ago our father passed away on St. Patrick's day, His father was born in Ireland so March 17th was always a celebration. I ordered his casket spray from you and asked that you show the Irish connection. You did a fantastic job. This week our Mother passed on. She was of Scottish decent whose favorite color was red. I sent an email to my sister-in-law with the flowers I wanted included. Thank you for superbly executing my vision into reality. I could not have been more please if I had done it my self. Thank you for lifting our spirits and easing the stress of both difficult events.

Sandi West-Labelle